Identical twins Kaylee & Kennadie

Dryden High School JV Football

Christine & Corey's Wedding Day 9.12.09
Little York Car Show 9.13.09

This is our car a 1974 Stock SS NOVA
While at the Little York Car Show:
Brenda & Ken Clark of Homer, NY had on display their two Alpaca...
They are so cute as was this little girl with her hand out trying to pretend feed them!

You can visit them on the following dates:
National Alpaca Farm Days: September 26/27, open House at their farm
Brenda & Ken Clark
707 Houghton Hill Road
Homer, NY 13077

Lafavette Apple Festival Oct. 10/11, Largest Craft show in NYS
and at the Empire Alpaca Association Fall Extravaganza Oct. 24/25, 100's of alpacas from around the U.S. and Canada attend this popular show; held at the NYS Fair Grounds. Free admission.

Hello everyone!

Just a little note regarding when you are shopping for a wedding photographer. Please keep in mind when planning your wedding day that "YES" everyone today owns a digital camera or camera phone and your maybe thinking "gee" I can save a lot of money by hiring "Uncle Bob" and have him take photos of your wedding day? WHAT!!! That's like hiring a photographer to be like your DJ on your wedding day. Well, that's great, like I know what songs are on the top 10 list for this week, or even better how do I run a turn table? Do DJ's still even use turn tables?

I would also say, not everyone (even a pro photographer) can capture a great image or even has an eye for capturing that special moment. Make sure when hiring your wedding day photographer that you check out that photographers images, ask what camera gear they are using, ask how many mega pixels are in those camera's. Does that photographer only own one camera? Also, ask and view images in print and make sure that they are crisp and clear. I always carry my three Pro Canon camera's, pro lenses and lighting equipment with me at every event.

When I (search) around the Internet, yes I too also check out other photographers work. Along with checking out their web sites and pricing just like many of you all do. I am amazed that many photographers use only a web site and on those sites you’re only seeing the best of the best of their work. Or when viewing their blog, it takes forever to load and the images are grainy and you always see the same old, same old kind of images every time. I can say, I love my blog and my web site when you scroll down my blog take a moment and view the many little sneak peek slide shows that I post up from every wedding and events that I photograph. I also create them for "free" for my clients so they can share them on face book and through emails with friends and family. I tell clients before they hire me as well, too watch these shows they are not just seeing my best work but many, many images from a full day from all of my weddings.

Also, when checking out other photographers, gee, ask how many years have they been in the business, how many weddings do they photography a year. These are only a few question you should be asking. We all price shop and compare, in some way or another we all want the best deal for our money. I like to tell my clients if you like what you see, and you know what you want, then buy it, sometimes buying the most expensive or less expensive isn't always the best either. Compare photographers, shop around, really do your homework, life is way too short! Make sure you get what you want out of it. It’s your life and the images from your wedding day you will never be able to capture or replace those special moments again! When you hire "me" on your wedding day I always make sure it's fun, unobtrusive, and creative. Capturing those smiles, tears, laughter, and tender moments that will tell the complete story of your day. My wedding day packages are Ala cart, so it's easy for you too design your coverage, how many number of images, bridal/parent albums and most important what price range you are budgeting for. Always feel free to drop me an email at:
Renee _ Marquis @ or give me a ring any time at: 607.423.3711
I would love chatting with you and working with you on your special day!
Amber & Russ 9.5.09 Wedding Day!

A little note from Amber that she wrote on my Facebook wall that I would like to share with my blog readers.....
"Renee, just so you know, everyone loves the way you did the slideshow, it brought tears to my eyes and others. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!Can't wait to see all of them."
Senior Session with Taylor.....

What a fun "Labor Day" weekend we had! Until I got hurt that is ;(

Rick Springfield at the NYS Fair 9.2.09