Okay, so I don't have any weddings starting until June! Below are a few more vacation images from the family April school break vacation. Keep in mind the first two images where taken while driving past when hubby is driving 100 mp... no not really... but he does drive fast. Got to love my pro Canon gear when photographing any fast moving subject. Check out the girls below on the beach doing back flips.... How cool is that?

Just a few images posted below while on vacation visiting my family in Sumter, SC. Then you will find my own family at Myrtle Beach, SC for the remainder six days of our vacation. I have been coming down too the Sumter, Myrtle Beach area since at a very young age with my mom & dad. Memories are so very important to make with our children.

Recently I attended the Professional Photographers' Society of New York State 104th Convention and Regional Print Competition. Which was held at the Desmond Hotel and Conference Center, Albany NY. What an amazing weekend I had at this state photography conference. I attended many workshops , met many other great photographers from all over New York State and also attended the all day trade shows. I spent way too much money over the weekend, but came away with many great software products! Below are only a few images from the weekend. One of the evening events is a party for attendees which this year was a "GYPSY" theme party. Last year the theme was a western casino night. All I can say is that I am hooked and will be attending the conference again next year!

Winifred was just so beautiful dressed up as a Gypsy.

Print Competition Images below.....
Well, we won't explain the photo below........ but, I guess I should maybe try!

If any one's cell phone rang you would have to get up and dance and guess who's cell phone rang! That's right Kevin Kubota... the speaker. All I can say is that I have a crush on Kevin :)' (In my Dreams, right)

He is also noted as one of the top 10 wedding photographer in the world and developed his Kubota Image tool software for photographers. His program is what I came home with.
My second shooter and very good friend Terrie, that I have known since 2006 (I tell everyone that we found each other on-line) tee hee inside joke.... Well, on a photography forum, what a great way to learn and find others and become friends that are in your field of work.
A new found friend and fellow photographer Quy......

Quy, how's that "Fat Lady" looking?
Yet, another inside joke!

Kelvin with yet another pretty lady... and not so pretty lady....... Never seen so many paparazzi in one place before....
Gee, can I tell my husband I am going to run away now with David Jay he was yet another great guest speaker. He is noted for being the top 15th wedding photographer in the world as well as a great speaker and entrepreneur. He had only been shooting weddings for 6 years and is now
"RETIRING", gee to be young again ;) (Dreaming again!) David Jay quote, that I must share with others: "Helping other people in your life", and having "Freedom and fulfillment in your life".... "You'll go further in two months by becoming genuinely interested in two other people then you will in two years trying to get people interested in you"........ I belive this is so very true and if everyone could follow just one of these advise.

Okay, Dreaming again....

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