It's that time of year again..... our son is on the Dryden High School Varsity Wrestling Team. This is our son's third year on his Dryden High School Varsity Wrestling team. He is weighing in at 130 lbs. this year. Check out the link that I have created for our Varisty Wrestling team:

The winner is #3, thanks for voting everyone!

1st Annual Contest

Please vote for your favorite child's portrait below in the comment section of this post. The image that receives the most votes will be made into a canvas gallery wrap print for displaying in my studio. I will also send a duplicate print to that Bride & Groom of which the child attend the wedding for. Please vote away, no rhyme or reason why you like one image over the other's. The winning image will be announced on December 19th.

#7 (Sorry, I forgot this image for those three that have already voted)