How cool was this? A hot air balloon landed right across the road in the field from our house. My thoughts were "Great Photo Opt" and I grabbed my camera with my 70/200 lens and ran out the door. Below are some of the cool photos I caught while the balloon was coming down. My two boys and husband also got to help with deflating and loading.

Double Bridal Session

Click on this link to view an amazing slide show from this photo session:

(Lauren is on the left and Karen is on the right.)
You may ask your self what is a Double Bridal Session? Well, I offer single Bridal Sessions & Engagement Sessions in my Wedding Day Packages. This session was with two of my past brides that recently just got married, Lauren on 9.8.07 & Karen on 8.4.07 both agreed to do their Bridal Session together on the same day. A typical Bridal Session can be done prior to the Wedding Day or (most Brides tend to go with after the Wedding Day so they don't mess up their wedding dress.) A Bridal Session sometimes is called "Trash Your Dress Session" it is more like a fashion photo shoot and allows the bride to be more at ease with not worring so much about her getting her wedding dress so dirty. These "fashion/ Bridal Sessions" are gaining more popularity in this area. These session also can be done with the Bride/Groom before or after the wedding day which also allows us to create more amazing images then what we have aleady have gotton on the day of their wedding.
Click on the link below to view a slideshow with even more amazing images from this Double Bridal Session:

To view more images taken by my good friend and colleague Kelvin Ringold who assisted with me oh this session. We have worked together, Kelvin assisted second photographing with me on Karen's wedding which took place on 8.4.07. I hope to work with Kelvin again in the future as well. Here is his blog link to view some of his images that he happen to create with me on this bridal session: Kelvin stated on his blog.... Two Heads are (sometimes) Better Than One. When two photographers get together such as in this case, "WOW" what amazing images each can "CAPTURE". Two photographers, different angles, different perspectives, each with one common goal creating "GREAT IMAGES" together! Thank you Kelvin for posting your images up on your blog and linking back to me.... Your amazing, cant wait to work with you again in the near future.

Lauren & Cory's Wedding Day 9.8.07
Click on link to view slideshow:

While attending the Great New York State Fair this past weekend. I attended the "Rockin Road House Tour" concert at chevy court, with Lorrie Morgan, Aaron Tippin, and Joe Diffie. Check out some of those photos along with a few others photos taken while at the fair. Check out the multi color chicken photo, I'm still asking myself, how did they do that? ENJOY!