What fun we all had shooting Brandee's Maternity Session along with her husband Ryan. My very good friend and fellow photographer Tracie Wheeler, also came along to help shoot this session. You can view her blog at: http://www.capturingyourmemories.blogspot.com/ and see her perspective and different angles that she created at her end of the camera. This location happens to by one of my favorite sites to do this type of photography. Fall Creek Falls is located in Ithaca right smack in the middle of New York State.

Saturday June 16th, 2007 I happen to be home with my family, I had no wedding booked for this day. My older son Corey was heading out the door. I asked him were he was going all dressed up? His answer was to a friends wedding. Being that I am a wedding photographer, I just had to ask if the couple had a wedding photographer and who it might be. Well, this couple did not have one. My thoughts were, "Gee, I am not doing any thing and what a nice gift for my son (Well, MOM!) to give as a wedding gift to them from him. Here are a few of my fav. from that day. Long story short, when Niki and Chris came over to view all of their images from their Wedding Day that I photographed for them. Niki cred when she saw the pictures, she specially "LOVED" the ones of their little boy. I have posted some of them below. I sooooo love my job, what a blessing too capture special moments for not only this couple, but for all the couples that I have and will be photographing.

Megan & Brian 06.02.07 Cornell University, Ithaca Country Club

Oh, What a Beautiful Day! Wow, Such a Beautiful Couple ! What, An Amazing Story Book Wedding!