Mary beth & Marcus Dulin

United in Marriage on 4.28.07 at the beautiful
Benn Conger Inn, Groton, NY

What a fun time I had doing this photo session! My good friend and an amazing photographer her self, just happen to be on vacation at Myrtle Beach, SC during spring break at the same time. Well, we got together and captured these beautiful pictures. We both then had to came back home to Central NY to a foot of snow.
I will try and post of few of those winter photos up later. I hope you enjoy these photos!
(oh, and by the way I paid that seagull to pose for me!) tee hee ;)

Below I have posted a few photos taken while on spring break vacation with my family. My favorite location "Swan Lake Park" in Sumter, SC I will post up more photos later on in the week from Myrtle Beach. This sure bets the snow we have left behind! It is 70 and only getting warmer every day.