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Jackson 07.14.06

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Amanda & David
Engagement Session

Wedding Date: Aug. 5th 2006

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Jody & Patrick Brennan
Exchanged Marriage vows July 7th, 2006 at the beautiful Aurora Inn, Aurora, New York
Not a dry eye was seen, during this beautiful out door wedding ceramony.

It just so happen that my husband I were guest at Jody & Pat's wedding. Don Mayes and his son Don Jr. were the main photographers for this event. I have worked with Don and is son in the past and they make a great team. You can also click on the link below to view an instant movie that I created from a few of all the images that I "Captured" during Jody & Pat's wedding event. (Even as a guest I cant seam to "not" take picutres.)
Http:// ENJOY!
7.1.06 Jill & Chris Jones

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Sage Chapel, Cornell Campus
Reception: Celebrations